Updating your policy for additions to your home

When you change your home, you need to change your home policy. This goes for everything from basic remodeling, adding new fixtures, and so on to additions and other extensive work. Whenever you make a significant change to your home in Lakewood, CO, you’ll want to give Premier Group Insurance a call to update your policy so that it reflects those changes.

It primarily comes down to what you want to be covered. Maybe that new sink only cost fifty bucks, and there’s not much of a point covering it. But what about that six hundred dollar bathtub, or the new room addition? Those are going to add significant value to your home, and the problem is that your insurer doesn’t know it until you let them know. This means that if something happens, you’re going to be out whatever it cost you to remodel your home, as it won’t be covered by your policy.

Following an extensive remodeling project or addition, the best way to make sure you’re covered is to bring in an appraiser. They can help you to get a proper assessment of your home’s current value so that you can take that price to your insurer and get covered.

Premier Group Insurance in Lakewood, CO can provide you with a plan that’s flexible enough to cover new additions and remodeling whenever you need it. Maybe not every remodeling project demands a new policy, but any time you sink serious effort and money into your home, you’ll want your insurance coverage to reflect that. So don’t slack on it, bring in an appraiser and make sure that your policy reflects your home’s value.