Can You Benefit from Flood Insurance?

Home insurance is an affordable, practical means of protecting your home against disasters. A standard homeowner’s policy covers many disaster perils common to Colorado such as wildfire, hailstorms, tornadoes, blizzards and more. Flooding, however, is one peril not covered by home insurance. This can put you at risk of financial loss due to flood damage. By investing in flood insurance, you can protect yourself from unforeseen flood disasters. Here’s what a flood policy from Premier Group Insurance in Lakewood, CO has to offer.

Dwelling/Contents Coverage

Flood insurance policies cover your home (building) and/or your personal belongings (contents). Each policy is sold separately with separate deductibles. You can purchase one or both policies to protect your valuable investments. 

Building coverage protects your home structure to include its foundation, walls, cabinets, paneling, wall-to-wall carpeting, plumbing and electrical systems, HVAC system, built-in appliances and more. A typical flood policy will cover damage to your home for up to $250,000.

Contents insurance protects such items as clothing, artwork, furniture, electronics, small and large appliances, heirlooms and other personal belongings. The limits on content coverage are $100,000.

Affordable Costs

Contrary to what you may think, flood insurance is fairly affordable, especially if you live in non-high risk flood zones. Flood insurance is a smart investment considering how much damage a flood can cause. Even a few inches of floodwaters can ruin a home and destroy its contents in a short amount of time. As floods can occur anywhere, it’s to your advantage to be prepared for flood disasters in advance.

Compensation for Flood Loss 

Flood insurance compensates you for flood damage to your home or belongings. This compensation can save you from financial ruin. It will also help you recover quicker from a flood disaster. 

For more information about flood insurance or to purchase a flood policy, contact Premier Group Insurance in Lakewood, CO.