3 Ways Home Liability Insurance Protects You

Insuring your Lakewood, CO home is the smartest, most effective way of protecting your valuable investment. Home insurance from Premier Group Insurance not only protects your home but your belongings and your financial assets by protecting you against liability claims and lawsuits. Home liability is the coverage that protects you against accidents people may have when they visit your property. Without insurance protection, you could wind up paying for medical bills, damaged goods, or even legal expenses, if an accident leads to a lawsuit, out of your own pocket. Here are a few ways liability insurance protects you.    


There’s nothing unusual about home accidents. Most are just minor incidents that don’t require medical care. If, however, one of your visitors has a serious accident that sends him to the hospital, you could be held accountable for his medical costs. Liability insurance protects you financially by covering these costs. Liability insurance covers accidental injuries that can occur from slip and falls, tripping down the stairs, dog bites, sports play in the yard, pool mishaps, and more.

Property Damage

Liability also covers damage to a visitor’s property such as a cellphone, laptop or car. If your son hits a baseball that smashes into your friend’s windshield while his car is sitting in your driveway, liability insurance will cover repair costs. This saves you from having to dip into your savings account to cover these costs.   


In the event that an accident leads to a lawsuit, liability insurance will help cover your legal costs. If you lose the lawsuit, your liability insurance will cover the cost of settlement, up to the limits of your policy. Serious liability claims can be extremely costly. For this reason, you should have sufficient liability coverage to safeguard your assets against these risks.

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