Standard Policies Usually Don’t Cover Floods: Make Sure You’re Covered

You may think just because you have a homeowner’s insurance policy that you have nothing to worry about besides paying your deductible, no matter what happens to your home. However, this isn’t the case. Flood insurance from Premier Group Insurance, serving Lakewood, CO, and the surrounding area, is a separate policy you should consider getting for an emergency that your home policy will not cover. 

About Your Homeowner’s Policy

Your homeowner’s insurance isn’t already equipped with flood insurance. It’s mainly for fires as well as certain natural disasters and liability but not flooding.  

Protecting Your Investment

Imagine what would happen if rain began pouring down and flooded your neighborhood. Could you afford to pay to repair the damage to all the potential areas of your home where the water could cause damage out of pocket? More than likely, you couldn’t afford to come up with that much money on the spot if something should happen. With flood insurance, you don’t have to worry if water damages your home because you can claim it on your insurance. 

If a natural disaster isn’t declared by the President, you could find yourself having difficulty obtaining a loan or getting any assistance. Therefore, if it just starts flooding in a small area of Kansas, you might not have access to all the help you could possibly need in the event of a flood. 

Investing a small amount of funding into flood insurance could be the difference between being able to live in your home and not having anything left. Ultimately, you may think you’re saving money by avoiding it, but this isn’t always the case. You can only hope you’re never affected by a flood. 

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