Do I Have the Best Coverage for My Boat?

If you’re a Lakewood, CO resident and own a boat, whether it’s an impressive yacht or something less extravagant, you’re likely quite proud of your purchase. Part of being a proud boat owner is taking care of your boat and ensuring it remains in tip-top condition. One way to ensure it remains in optimal condition is to obtain adequate insurance coverage, but how do you know you have the best coverage for your boat? Here is an overview that could help.

Do You Know Your Boat’s Value?

If you don’t know your boat’s value, it’s nearly impossible to ensure you have the best coverage possible. Finding its value doesn’t have to be a challenge, as you could have it professionally appraised or use the many online calculators to help you determine its true worth. Once you know its value, you can make sure that your insurance coverage is adequate. If your boat is damaged or destroyed, you will receive a fair amount to repair or replace it. 

Do You Have Passengers on Your Boat?

Suppose you ever have passengers on your boat. In that case, you will want to ensure that you have liability insurance that will cover medical treatment and more in the unlikely event of injury. The state of Colorado requires that you have this coverage just in case an accident occurs and someone sustains injuries. Also, if a passenger ever sues you, your insurance can pay any damages, so you won’t be forced to pay out of pocket. 

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