You Don’t Have a Mortgage, Do You Still Need Home Insurance?

If you don’t have a Lakewood, CO mortgage, you might think you don’t need home insurance. But even with a home that’s free and clear of a loan, you still need to protect your investment with a good home insurance policy. Here’s why:

Protection From Natural Disasters

No matter where you live, your home is vulnerable to natural disasters. Even if you don’t have a mortgage, a fire, severe weather, or another disaster could destroy your home. Home insurance can help you rebuild after a covered catastrophe.

Also, it helps you and your family stay in temporary housing if your home becomes uninhabitable after a disaster. You’ll have a place to live during the rebuilding process, and you won’t have to bear the entire cost of a hotel stay.

Liability Protection

Home insurance also provides liability protection. This can be especially important for a house that’s paid off. Liability coverage can help pay for medical bills and other damages if there’s an injury on your property or if you accidentally injure someone else. Your Premier Group Insurance representative can help you choose the right amount of coverage for your needs.

Peace of Mind

Finally, home insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that it protects your home. This benefit can help you relax and enjoy your Lakewood, CO, home. You don’t want to worry about what would happen if your home gets damaged or destroyed. Home insurance can help you relax and feel confident that you’re protected.

Talk to your Premier Group Insurance agent if you’re unsure whether you need home insurance. We can help you understand your risks and choose the right coverage for your needs.