Do Not Leave These Items Behind On Your Next RV Trip.

Premier Group Insurance knows that to be under prepared is to be prepared to fail. Even if "failure" simply means less convenience or having to go out of your way we want you to have the best time on your RV trip, so we compiled this list of things to remember when you go on your next adventure. We serve clients in and around Lakewood, CO with premium insurance services. 

Don’t Leave This Behind When You Pack Your R.V.

  • Extra Towels An extra towel per guest seems like such a simple item, but when it comes to getting in and out of the water or caught in the rain or the plethora of other things that could require them it will be such a relief to have a dry towel even when your original is wet and hanging on the ladder. 
  • Disposable Gloves Changing the sewer system is everyone’s least favorite task. But it is required. A pack of disposable gloves will last you a year at least and will make the chore one bit better which can be a lot considering how unseemly it is. 
  • Maps of the Area  Most people rely on their phone for GPS and map services. But I cannot tell you how many mountain roads I have wandered on just to find that there is no service for my digital map. A physical map of any area you travel in is just good planning and can get you out of situations and save time and gas usage time and again. 

If you are planning an RV trip, contact us at Premier Group Insurance for insurance information, and more tips. We serve drivers in and around Lakewood, CO.