Umbrella Insurance — When You Need Extra Assurance on a Project from Premier Insurance Group

Are you thinking about extending your insurance protection and live in the Lakewood, CO area? Sometimes it is a part of the protocol, especially if you are looking for something affordable when you start a new project with higher liability limits. This is where you need to start looking at your umbrella liability options. Umbrella insurance is the easiest and most logical route to getting a contractor or individual protection with an affordable insurance rate. 

Premier Group Insurance on Umbrella Insurance

If you are looking for a single premium that will cover you over multiple insurance policies, umbrella insurance is the answer to your search. This gives you the protection where there may be some underlying limits to your basic policies. When you are looking at extending insurance with contractor’s insurance, you’ll want to look at these things:

  • Commercial auto
  • Worker’s comp claims
  • General liability

So think of getting an umbrella insurance policy if something like a $500,000 difference in what your insurance covers and what you have to pay from the company could deplete all of your business assets. In most cases, you’ll be looking at $1M increments in umbrella commercial policies. 

Individual Umbrella Insurance Policies

Just like most states, Colorado has financial responsibility laws in place to protect people when someone is at fault in their car, home, property or any other negligent cause that you could be held liable for. This doesn’t exclude medical, court costs for both sides or damages awarded by a judge. It can add up quickly. 

An umbrella insurance policy will protect you from wage garnishments, liens or repossessions. The fee is nominal compared to the wide coverage that is offered with a commercial or personal umbrella insurance policy. 

Build a Fortress Around Your Assets

The best umbrella insurance policies are also quite affordable. Give Premier Insurance in Lakewood, CO a call or check out our blog. Premier Group Insurance at (303) 233-7878.