How To Make Sure Drivers Of My RV Are Covered?

When Your Vacation or Permanent Housing is Highway-Ready

As you can imagine, RVing is popular in the beautiful state of Colorado. The DMV even has its own RV to bring services closer to people all over the state! Liability insurance is required of RVs and other vehicles to ensure that the damage the vehicle is involved in is covered. There are a couple of specific concerns that you’ll want to cover with us at Premier Group Insurance in Lakewood, CO. One is the exact coverage that you need according to the state for RVs and travel trailers, and the additional coverage that’s wise to protect yourself, other drivers, and any assets these people may have.

Who’s Covered with RV Liability?

Colorado requires the same basic coverage as automobiles and SUVs for RVs and travel trailers. In addition, the people you authorize to operate these vehicles are covered in the same ways, with specific concerns about whether they have their automobile insurance policy and are family members. Since the licensing requirements are similar or the same for RV driving in most cases, they’re already ready to go, just as they would be if they rented one for themselves.

Special Cases Such as Class A RVs

You’ve probably seen bus-style RVs which look similar to commercial long-distance buses on an enormous, heavy chassis, some costing well over a million dollars. They’re great to tour at convention center shows! Some of them exceed the 25,000-pound weight limit that puts them in Class A and leads to CDL or commercial driver’s licenses and other requirements. Your child, neighbor, or friend isn’t automatically authorized for these. Call Premier Group Insurance in Lakewood, CO to customize your family RV coverage today!