How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

If you want as much coverage as you need in case of a serious accident, you may wonder whether your home and auto insurance is enough for you. Most of the time, it isn’t. These policies often come with enough liability coverage to stay legal without having enough that it can cover a costly accident. There is umbrella insurance to get better coverage without paying an enormous amount. When you’re interested in getting an umbrella policy, call us now at Premier Group Insurance in Lakewood, CO to get started. 

Liability Coverage

When there is an accident in your home, and someone is injured, you need liability coverage in your home insurance policy to pay for it. You need liability coverage in your auto policy when an accident happens involving your vehicle, and you are at fault for it. While the costs are relatively low, an expensive accident may come with so many medical bills that your home or auto policy maxes out and doesn’t pay for all of them. When that happens, you owe anything that’s left to pay. You can fix this by having umbrella insurance. It adds more liability insurance to both of these policies so that your policy will take care of the overage. 

Low-Cost Coverage

Umbrella insurance is well-known for having very high maximums and not costing very much. It costs far less to get an umbrella policy than you would if you added more liability coverage to your home and auto policies. You can save money and be very well protected at the same time. 

Get Umbrella Insurance

If you want to be better covered with an umbrella insurance policy, call Premier Group Insurance in Lakewood, CO today.