Questions You Should Ask Your Agent When Shopping For Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance is important for any type of business – it protects businesses and their owners from financial losses and hefty expenses if something happens. If you are currently shopping for business insurance in Lakewood, CO or another nearby town, here is a list of questions you should ask an insurance agent. The answers to these questions should help you make the right choice:

What Affects The Cost of My Business Insurance?

There are certain factors that have an impact on the cost of business insurance, including the type of business and industry, number of employees, payment plan, and previous claims.

Can I Save Money On My Business Insurance? 

Yes, there are ways to save money on commercial insurance. You can do it by bundling policies, managing risks in your business, and creating a safe working environment. 

Are There Any Discounts Available? 

Often, there are discounts that allow you to reduce the cost of your commercial insurance. You should ask an insurance agent if there are any and if you qualify for them. In most cases, people do not know about the available discounts and make one common mistake – do not ask insurance agents about them. 

How Do I Know What Type of Business Insurance I need?

There are different types of business insurance policies, and your choice should be determined by the location of your business, exposure to risks, type of business operations, and some other factors. 

Premier Group Insurance  – We Will Help You Find a Perfect Policy For Your Business

If you are a business owner running a business in Lakewood, CO or any other surrounding area or town, Premier Group Insurance is ready to help. Depending on the types of your business, company, and budget, our experienced and professional insurance agents will find you a good policy. If there are any questions you want to ask or more information your need to receive, feel free to call us.