7 Steps to Getting Your RV ready for Traveling Season

Colorado offers gorgeous places to camp and explore, and you can take all the comforts of home when traveling in an RV. To make the most of your trip, follow these seven steps to get your recreational vehicle ready for the road. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment at Premier Group Insurance in Lakewood, CO, to review your existing policy or purchase a new one.

Making Your RV Road Worthy

Start early by booking overnight spots well in advance. The most popular spots fill up weeks or months ahead of time. Before you go, air out your RV and clean it thoroughly. Next, look for any signs that squirrels or other wildlife have been camping out in your vehicle, as you may need to call in a specialist to remove them.

Is it time for tire maintenance? From checking the air pressure to loading spares, remember you won’t make it far without reliable wheels. Next, check your onboard water system to ensure it works as expected. You’ll always have water to drink or clean with an onboard water system.

You should check your batteries as well as schedule an annual inspection. If you rely on batteries to cook with, you might want to install a propane tank as a backup or main source of energy for heating and cooking. If you already have propane tanks, inspect them for damage and refill or replace tanks that are running low.

Review Your Insurance With Your Agent

Review your insurance policy with one of our agents as the seventh and final step. The team at Premier Group Insurance in Lakewood, CO, has helped thousands of families obtain the insurance they need to fuel their dreams.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment regarding RV insurance in Lakewood!