Does my recreational insurance policy cover my jet skis or Seadoos?

Premier Group Insurance knows that Lakewood, CO, residents love their outdoor pursuits. This mid-sized town outside of Denver features multiple lakes and reservoirs for watersports and tourism, so many people in the area own jet skis and Seadoos.

Recreational Insurance Coverage

When you purchase your recreational insurance initially, we’ll ask you to list all the equipment and transportation you want it to cover. You’ll need to list each boat, jet ski, Seadoo, ATV, dune buggy, etc., that you want the policy to cover.

We’ll also need the value of each when you purchased it, so you should provide a copy of your purchase receipt. If you received it as a gift, print the product page from the manufacturer’s website that shows the manufacturer’s retail price.

What to Do When You Buy New Equipment

It would be best if you let your insurance agent know when you purchase another Seadoo or jet ski. We’re not nosy. We need to add that equipment to the list of items covered on your recreational insurance policy. Not every item causes your premiums to go up, but your premiums will increase if you purchase something big like a pontoon boat or a yacht.

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