Does RV Insurance Have Limits?

At Premier Group Insurance, we have many customers in and around Lakewood, CO, who own recreational vehicles and wonder if they need high-quality insurance policies. That’s why it is crucial to understand what your policy will cover and what limitations it may have on its overall operation.

What Does Your Policy Not Cover?

Let’s start by discussing what your policy will cover to understand better whether you need to buy one. Things that you will get covered include:

  • Liability in a variety of car accidents
  • Collision coverage if you get into another type of accident
  • Comprehensive troubles that affect the whole vehicle
  • A complete loss that you did not cause
  • Roadside assistance for breakdowns
  • Personal injuries caused to other drivers
  • Full-time habitation if you live in your vehicle

As for what your policy does not cover, this usually accounts for problems you have caused or caused by the vehicle’s regular operation. Just a few things that you can expect your policy not to cover include:

  • Damages you caused by using your RV improperly
  • Problems caused by you mistreating the RV
  • Wear-and-tear concerns caused by operating the RV regularly
  • Concerns that you should have noticed

This last factor covers items like flat tires caused by wear and tear, engine damage caused by age, and other problems you may have triggered. If your insurance company gets wind of you causing any of this damage, you can expect your policy to be null and void almost right away.

Do You Need a Policy?

If you’re still uncertain if your Lakewood, CO RV needs an insurance policy to protect it from damage, make sure to reach out to us at Premier Group Insurance right away to learn more. Our professionals have years of experience helping out people like you and will do what is necessary for your needs.