How commercial insurance can save your small business

Small businesses make up more than 99% of all companies, which in the US is defined as a business with fewer than 500 employees. That is quite large compared to what other parts of the world consider small business. In Europe, it is under 50, and in Australia under 15. At Premier Group Insurance in Lakewood, CO, we know how risky owning a small business can be, and we work hard to ensure that all our customers have as much insurance protection as necessary. 

Commercial liability coverage 

Being sued is all too common for small businesses. It can cause a great deal of stress, time, and money to deal with legal action against you. It can also damage your reputation, and in a severe case, it can put you out of business. Having the right commercial insurance can help you to survive most legal action against your business. 

Commercial property insurance

When a peril hits your small business, it can mean that you cannot conduct business until you can rebuild. If you don’t have commercial property insurance, how can you replace all the things you have lost? It might be enough to put your business out of business. Commercial property insurance allows you to replace all the things lost to the peril. Depending on your business, it may be things like machinery, office equipment, inventory, tools, etc. 

Business interruption insurance

When covered peril hits your business, you may be unable to do business. Even though your income has dried up, your expenses continue to add up. This insurance can help to pay your expenses until your business is back up and running. 

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