How Does an Umbrella Insurance Policy Work?

An umbrella insurance policy does not stand on its own. It is a type of insurance that you get to supplement other policies that you already have in place. When your liability on other policies isn’t very high, you can supplement it by getting an umbrella policy. If you are interested in this type of coverage, call us at Premier Group Insurance in Lakewood, CO to talk with an agent.

The Umbrella Policy

An umbrella policy comes in handy when you already have home and auto policies on your residence and your vehicle. When you have those two policies, each is responsible for some liability when there is an accident or other incident that causes problems. However, the liability coverage amount is often not very big. So, your auto or home insurance could max out after an accident and leave you paying out of pocket to cover the rest. When that max out, an umbrella policy kicks in. 

Raising Liability Coverage

Instead of you paying out of pocket when your home and auto insurances are maxed out, your umbrella policy is activated, and it pays more of the liability amount up to a specific maximum, which is often quite high. The umbrella policy is extra protection for both of these insurance types, and it can save your financial future if there were to be a serious accident. Your umbrella insurance has a high maximum value, but it costs relatively little. An umbrella policy costs much less than you would pay to raise your liability coverage through your home and auto policies.

Get Your Umbrella Policy

If you need more liability coverage, it may be time for an umbrella insurance policy. Call us at Premier Group Insurance in Lakewood, CO to talk with an agent about what these policies can do for you and your future.