Is Umbrella Insurance A Good Option For Art Collector’s

If you are a person who loves art and has a significant amount of artwork with a high value located within your residence, you may be wondering if you need more than home insurance to give you the protection you need for your investment. What happens if you can’t get the right amount of coverage for your collection?

Covering Valuables

In an instance where a homeowner has an art or jewelry collection with significant value, they may not be able to get complete coverage with their home insurance. In these circumstances, a person can choose to purchase umbrella insurance. It will offer coverage for items which have a value above and beyond the value of the home insurance you carry. For more information about the terms and conditions of umbrella insurance, consult an experienced agent. 

Finding An Experienced Provider

Experience can be the key to obtaining the coverage for your art or jewelry collections that you need to be secure. In the event of damage, fire, or theft, your umbrella coverage should give you the security you need to prevent loss. Work with an insurance provider and agents who know how to give you good advice and guidance through the purchasing process. Residents of the Lakewood, CO area can trust Premier Group Insurance for top-notch support while securing insurance coverage for a variety of situations.

If you live around Lakewood, CO, you should contact Premier Group Insurance for details about coverage that protects your investments and helps you avoid gaps. Call or stop by the office for more information and to speak with an agent who can get you started with the process.