What You Need to Know About Recreational Insurance

Having fun with friends and family outdoors is an important part of your life. Your recreational vehicles help take that fun to the next level. Having your recreational vehicles properly insurance will keep the good times rolling a lot longer. At Premier Group Insurance, serving Lakewood, CO, we want to help you find the best insurance deals. Finding the best deals starts with having great insurance information. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about recreational vehicle insurance. 

What Qualifies As A Recreational Vehicle?

Recreational vehicles can include all-terrain vehicles, golf carts, snowmobiles, campers, RVs, and other items. These are specialty vehicles that are not normally used for transportation purposes. Although these vehicles are not used regularly on the roads, they can still pose a danger to users and others. This is why adequate insurance is a necessity. 

What Does Recreational Vehicle Insurance Cover?

This type of insurance can be customized to suit your particular needs. In general, though, recreational vehicle insurance will cover the following areas:

  • Property damage- This type of coverage is available to reimburse you if your vehicle is damaged or lost due to natural disasters, fire or burglary. This helps to protect the money you have invested in the vehicle. 
  • Liability coverage- If your vehicle is involved in an accident that results in damage to another vehicle or results in injury to a person, liability is there to protect your assets. You can be held personally responsible for expenses that resulted from the incident. 

If you would like to learn more about our services and insurance products, please contact our office at Premier Group Insurance, serving Lakewood, CO. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the best insurance products for your needs. 

When should someone get motorhome insurance in Colorado?

The Lakewood, CO area continues to be a fun place to live. Those that are in this area will have access to a major city as well as many amazing national and state parks. To ensure you are able to explore the state as well as possible, investing in a motorhome is a good idea. Along with this, you also need proper insurance. There are a few situations in which you will need to get motorhome insurance here. 

When Driving on Public Road

A situation when you will need to have a motorhome insurance plan is when you are going to drive on a public road. Anyone that owns a motorhome and wants to drive it will need to comply with state driving laws. This will include requiring you to have liability insurance at all times, which will ensure you can pay for any damages that may result from an accident.

When Financing Motorhome

You will also want to have this insurance when you are going to finance the purchase of your motorhome. The purchase price to get a motorhome can be expensive, which may require that you take out a loan to finance it. If you decide to finance the purchase, you will need to comply with your lender’s insurance requirements. This will usually include requiring full comprehensive and collision protection.

When you are in the Lakewood, CO area, it continues to be important to have proper insurance for your motorhome. If you are going to looking for a motorhome insurance plan in this state, speaking with Premier Group Insurance is a great option. The team with Premier Group Insurance knows the value that this insurance coverage provides. They can offer any support you need to understand your needs and options or build and choose an appropriate policy. 

Does RV Insurance Have Limits?

At Premier Group Insurance, we have many customers in and around Lakewood, CO, who own recreational vehicles and wonder if they need high-quality insurance policies. That’s why it is crucial to understand what your policy will cover and what limitations it may have on its overall operation.

What Does Your Policy Not Cover?

Let’s start by discussing what your policy will cover to understand better whether you need to buy one. Things that you will get covered include:

  • Liability in a variety of car accidents
  • Collision coverage if you get into another type of accident
  • Comprehensive troubles that affect the whole vehicle
  • A complete loss that you did not cause
  • Roadside assistance for breakdowns
  • Personal injuries caused to other drivers
  • Full-time habitation if you live in your vehicle

As for what your policy does not cover, this usually accounts for problems you have caused or caused by the vehicle’s regular operation. Just a few things that you can expect your policy not to cover include:

  • Damages you caused by using your RV improperly
  • Problems caused by you mistreating the RV
  • Wear-and-tear concerns caused by operating the RV regularly
  • Concerns that you should have noticed

This last factor covers items like flat tires caused by wear and tear, engine damage caused by age, and other problems you may have triggered. If your insurance company gets wind of you causing any of this damage, you can expect your policy to be null and void almost right away.

Do You Need a Policy?

If you’re still uncertain if your Lakewood, CO RV needs an insurance policy to protect it from damage, make sure to reach out to us at Premier Group Insurance right away to learn more. Our professionals have years of experience helping out people like you and will do what is necessary for your needs.

How To Amend Your Motorcycle Insurance Policy If You Are Planning To Go On A Motorcycle Tour

Premier Group Insurance serves the Lakewood, CO community, as well as the surrounding areas. We offer our clients high-quality policies to help them protect their assets. As an independent insurance agency, we can help you find custom coverage that suits your individual situation.

How Going On A Motorcycle Tour Impacts Your Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Motorcycle insurance assists you in staying safe on the road as your travel through Lakewood, CO and beyond. The policy covers you if your motorcycle is damaged in a collision. You are also protected if someone steals or vandalizes your motorcycle. If you accidentally damage someone’s property or injure someone, liability coverage protects you if a dispute arises. Motorcycle insurance is a great asset if you are planning to go on a motorcycle tour.

Planning a motorcycle tour is exciting. However, you need to make sure that you have protection in place if something goes wrong while you’re on vacation. If you are riding somewhere that you’ve never been, there are substantial risks. All it takes is one small bump on an unfamiliar road and something can happen. Motorcycle insurance will cover you if an emergency happens. Consider adding natural disaster coverage to your policy if you are traveling somewhere that has inclement weather. You will be covered if your motorcycle is damaged due to a natural disaster.

Consider adding medical emergency coverage to your policy so that you will be protected if you get sick or injured while you are on vacation. If your motorcycle suffers engine failure or another mechanical issue, you’ll need urgent assistance. Your policy should protect you in the event of an emergency.

Premier Group Insurance Can Help You Stay Safe On The Road

Visit our website to learn more information about motorcycle insurance.

Flood Insurance Coverage: Do You Need It?

Applying for flood insurance coverage is among the best decisions any homeowner can make. The truth about natural disasters such as floods is that they can strike at any time. In this article, we tell you why flood insurance is a sure bet whenever the heavens open. 

Understanding Flood Insurance

Flood insurance refers to a cover intended to help protect your home and property in case of damages caused by floods. This type of insurance is a separate plan from most standard property insurance policies. The cover is specific to damages caused to any of your property due to heavy rains. 

Compared to other insurance plans, flood insurance is more specific, something that confuses most people. Are you in Lakewood, CO, and wonder if flood insurance is necessary? If you are yet to consider this vital coverage, you could be missing out on the following benefits. 

Building Property Coverage

Damages caused to your property due to floods can be overbearing financially. Unless you have coverage, you might be forced to pay from your pocket, which is often overwhelming. Flood insurance helps you restore your building structure to its original state in case of floods. 

At Premier Group Insurance we provide you with reliable flood insurance coverage to ensure speedy repairs for your home in Lakewood, CO, in case of destructions caused by downpours. 

Personal Content Coverage

Our flood insurance plans also cover your personal content. When floods come raging, items such as clothes, furniture, electronics, and carpets are the most at risk. The best news is that our flood insurance coverage at Premier Group Insurance covers all homes in Lakewood, CO, and every item in the house against destruction caused by floods. 

It’s Time to Take Cover

If you live in Lakewood, CO, then you have no reason to face the frustrations of losses caused by flooding. Our team at Premier Group Insurance is always ready to advise you more on everything you wish to know about flood insurance. 

We also offer home, commercial, life, renters, and umbrella insurance to our customers. Contact us today for more information and professional services.

Three things to know about the liability coverage on your boat insurance policy

Do you own a boat in Lakewood, CO? If so, it’s important to invest in a boat insurance policy. We offer boat insurance to Colorado consumers at Premier Group Insurance.

Boat liability coverage protects you if you get sued.

Lawsuit expenses can get very high. Unfortunately, activities like boating can put you at increased risk of facing a lawsuit. Fortunately, you are covered for lawsuit expenses if you invest in a boat insurance policy including liability coverage. 

Your boat liability coverage will probably only be valid within certain navigational limits.

One thing to remember about boat insurance policies is that they are usually limited to a particular area. If you travel outside of certain navigational limits in your boat, your boat liability coverage might no longer be valid. 

It’s important to be aware of the limits of your boat liability coverage. If you plan on traveling outside of these limits in your boat often, it’s a good idea to invest in added coverage that will be in effect in all the places you want to travel to. 

Homeowner’s insurance isn’t going to provide adequate liability coverage for your boat.

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to boat liability coverage is thinking home insurance will cover you. While your home insurance policy may provide coverage while you’re on your own property, it won’t cover you when you’re boating in public waters. That’s why you need to invest in a separate boat insurance policy. 

Contact us to find out more about our boat insurance offerings at Premier Group Insurance. We’ll be happy to assist you with meeting all your insurance needs in Lakewood, CO. 

How Does an Umbrella Insurance Policy Work?

An umbrella insurance policy does not stand on its own. It is a type of insurance that you get to supplement other policies that you already have in place. When your liability on other policies isn’t very high, you can supplement it by getting an umbrella policy. If you are interested in this type of coverage, call us at Premier Group Insurance in Lakewood, CO to talk with an agent.

The Umbrella Policy

An umbrella policy comes in handy when you already have home and auto policies on your residence and your vehicle. When you have those two policies, each is responsible for some liability when there is an accident or other incident that causes problems. However, the liability coverage amount is often not very big. So, your auto or home insurance could max out after an accident and leave you paying out of pocket to cover the rest. When that max out, an umbrella policy kicks in. 

Raising Liability Coverage

Instead of you paying out of pocket when your home and auto insurances are maxed out, your umbrella policy is activated, and it pays more of the liability amount up to a specific maximum, which is often quite high. The umbrella policy is extra protection for both of these insurance types, and it can save your financial future if there were to be a serious accident. Your umbrella insurance has a high maximum value, but it costs relatively little. An umbrella policy costs much less than you would pay to raise your liability coverage through your home and auto policies.

Get Your Umbrella Policy

If you need more liability coverage, it may be time for an umbrella insurance policy. Call us at Premier Group Insurance in Lakewood, CO to talk with an agent about what these policies can do for you and your future. 

Three options you have when you purchase auto insurance in Colorado

It’s important to consider all your options and do your research before you select an auto insurance policy in Lakewood, CO. We can help you explore your options at Premier Group Insurance. 

The following are three options you have when you purchase auto insurance in Colorado.

Deductible amount

The deductible amount is the amount you have to pay before your insurance coverage will start paying for the costs of your claim. The higher your deductible amount is, the less expensive your monthly premiums will be.

However, choosing a higher deductible amount is probably not a good idea. If you choose a high deductible amount, you might have trouble paying it in the event of a claim. 

Collision or comprehensive coverage

You do not have an option in Colorado of whether or not to purchase liability coverage. However, you do have a choice of whether you want to purchase collision or comprehensive coverage. 

Collision coverage covers you for the costs of damages to your own vehicle in an accident. Comprehensive coverage covers you for damage caused by incidents like fires and vandalism. Both collision and comprehensive coverage are valuable types of coverage to have. 

Policy maximums

Insurance policies generally have maximized limits. A policy will only pay out so much money for a claim. The higher your maximums are, the more financially secure you’ll be in the event of an accident and a claim. 

It’s important to understand your options when you buy an auto insurance policy in Lakewood, CO. If you have any questions about your auto insurance options, feel free to ask us at Premier Group Insurance. Contact us via our website for assistance. 

How much life insurance is enough

Buying life insurance in most cases is an act of love. It is purchased to offer protection to those who depend on you. If something should happen to you, the people who count on your income would be in a difficult situation. Life insurance can help to not only bridge the difficult time immediately after your passing but offer support into the future if that is necessary. Determining how much life insurance is enough takes a lot of thought and planning. Having an insurance agent you know and trust can go a long way toward helping make this decision easier.  At Premier Group Insurance in Lakewood, CO, we are an independent agency that works for you, not an insurance company. We put your needs first. 

If you are single, have no dependents and no debt, a minimum amount of life insurance will probably do. You need to pay for your final expenses and that is enough unless you want to leave a legacy to someone in particular. If you have a dependent then you need to add more and it is never a good thing to leave your loved ones with any debt you might have. 

Once you get to the point where you have a spouse or partner, children, a mortgage, and credit card debt, you need to be thinking a little more seriously about the dollar amount of life insurance you have. Experts recommend that you have between seven and ten times your annual income in life insurance. If you make $100.000 that is $700,000 to $1,000,000. You probably have some insurance provided by your employer but you need to protect yourself with insurance that won’t stop if you leave your job. 

If it’s time to reaccess your life insurance at Premier Group Insurance in Lakewood, CO we are ready to sit down with you and make sure you have the insurance you need at a price you can afford. Call our office to set up an appointment or stop by for a free quote. 

I Run My Business Out of My Home. Would I Benefit from Commercial Insurance?

As a home-based business owner, you may have many questions when it comes to commercial insurance. You may question whether or not you’re a good candidate for this type of insurance in addition to what type of coverage you would benefit most from. This is a question not easily answered without knowing the details of your unique situation. This is one of the many reasons why speaking with an insurance professional is a good idea.

Every Situation is Unique…
As a business owner, there are many variables that come into play when it comes to deciding on your need for commercial insurance. A Premier Group Insurance agent will ask specific questions about your business, the number of employees, and the type of liability or risk that may be associated with what you do. There will also be questions regarding the space you conduct your business in and any unique needs that may come from the space you work in. Premier Group Insurance of Lakewood, CO is dedicated to cutting out the confusion when it comes to commercial insurance. Business owners have unique circumstances and unique environments that may require moire emphasis or insurance coverage in some areas more so than others. We’re here to help guide your decision and help you obtain the coverage you need most. We will discuss the type of business you run, what is required if you have employees, and other issues that may be relevant to your situation. Working from home presents unique issues as a business owner. Were her to help erase the confusion and educate business owners who work from home on the different insurance options available to them. We look forward to your call and were her to provide answers to your questions.